Wood Trophy

This is another proud range of ours that delicately craft the objectification of triumph for our users, using the best artisan craftsmanship and the best wood material. Our process of selection for the wood to represent what our customers need includes small selective batch purchases, X-ray check for organic defects, isotope checking for the age of the lumber etc. We believed with more attempt to understand the raw materials then we are able to shape it into real existence.



"The Rule of Tree"

In our process of making these “Lumber” series trophies, absolute internal regulations was enforced to make sure the Rule of Tree is to be maintained. First, no part of surplus will go un-recycled. Second, with Ratio of Fibonacci, we choose the optimal cutting ratio to minimise wastage. And thirdly, there’s no remake for a same user based on originality of the piece (meaning the user will need to accept any non-defective pattern of his unique piece.)


Originality Preserved

Solid hardwood is always a timeless option – attractive and sturdy, solid wood is one of the most popular choices to compensate homes and commercial spaces. It is the endurance and elemental luxury that strikes most for adopting this main build. Our choice of lumber is derived from tree trunks of different species that includes Agatis, Albazia, Kapur, Meranti, Nyatoh, Seraya and Teak. The trees are cut into logs, and carefully inspected for knots and a tight grain pattern. Only the highest quality logs are selected to be made into the “Lumber” range trophies.


A Universal Match Maker

Wood is considered the first element out of the other 4, corresponding to spring, and referred to as “young yang.” It covers and penetrates the earth, growing, rooted, and proliferating rapidly. Wood expands away from its center, grasping the deep Earth essence and drawing it towards heights.

Wood element do have the fame of being the “universal medium for earthing”, representing the precedented nature to combine, adapt and grow in any circumstances. Elements such as metal, acrylic, resins, or rather all others will fit nicely (aesthetically and nature) into the main wooden body trophy of ours.



An Earthly Majestic

Inspired by the livelihood of the Nusantara world and modernistic architecture that utilises wood by design, we like to highlight the importance of balancing the elemental energies that circulate around your domain. The concept of a wooden trophy is to express the consideration of mindfulness and peace carried by the essence of Mother Nature herself. In contrary with her counter parts, the “Lumber” series tells the same story with different wavelength and lenses.


A Real + Mindful Glory

When one is in touch with a real piece of wood, the user’s consciousness will naturally, immediately being “tuned” to a certain equilibrium where the question of why and how will be played in a deeper dimension, channeling through all lanes of thoughts that make this experience sacred and irreplaceable. Combinations are also allowed to embed different emotion capture along with the intended experience.
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