Luminor Trophy

While the world defined the language of a trophy to be a certain way, we tell them are are not here to settle! Introducing the arch nemesis of almost all conventional trophies, the Grande Luminor inspired by futuristic industrial and lifestyle design. This a “One Man One Trophy” range where every unit was made on a supervision of one artist through out the whole process.
Perception is Deception

The composure of this range is simple but unique in a way we rely very much on lights around us to elevate the sense of visual textures of these master piece. From 2 – 4 pieces of combination, we are able to create the most questioning and disruptive representation of a trophy, understood by anyone that are able to look at things differently. Take a breath while your cognition is about to be challenged, be prepared to be deceived.



Welcoming The Nemesis of Conventional Trophies

Our designers often wondered and imagine into the future, predicting how future humans will iconise their mark of glory. This involve the study of human behaviour, perception, cognition, norm, art, shapes etc, where our conclusion was: inevitably the more we receive, the lesser is needed to express who we are. The key has always been “less is more”. The Grande Luminor range is made with technological precision and humanised quality assurance. While all the units in this range will be affirm by human touch, we employ a “One Man One Trophy” to ensure artisan delicacy and experience is expressed.


The Theorem Of Lights, At Your Finger Tips.

Combined with our trademarked resin formulation, we uphold the principle of absolute transparency on our trophies. After that will be a very careful selection process of our luminor main ingredient the “Sentient Glow” plate unit where the possibilities of reflections are all quantified and researched thoroughly. Optimal angles and shapes.


Take Control Of Your Illusion

We often described our artists of this product range as the ” Magician”, due to the ability for them to make a simply combination into multiple depths and possibilities. In this range we take control of the art of illusions, creating all sense of suspense and complexity all together.


The Art of Clarity

The strength of this range is strongly dependent on the art of where the angle of cut is made. Drawing inspiration from the study of the formation of crystals, we adopted the language of how crystallisation happens under the altered environment and ultimately through time, shaping these elegant circumstances.
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