Colour Cube

Our take of modularism is very focused on customised symmetrism where we play around with shapes and elements, then combined it into a series of blocks where they can overlay and express an overall suggestion of the story.

The main block of our high quality resin will shape your main tone, while a selection up to 100 colour tones, 3000 variants of shapes, 15 kinds of alteration, 10 kinds of finishing for you to express your creativity at your ease.
For almost 40 years, we understand the needs of our customers, why they do it, how they want it to be done. Our designers uphold the brand identity of your entity but at the same time gauge to your need of taste and relevancy. We only make good stuff, with additional materials like metal, aluminium, wood, acrylic, or any materials that we might want to experiment on.
We are very much into the sense and scent of depths, where in this range, we emphasise very much into the cuts and finishing of our products. The Modular range also includes a “One Piece” model where it’s a stand alone unit, ready to be deployed as a resemblance of singularity.
The whole idea of this extremely versatile range is to really put emphasis to user experiences where our customers can write their own tonality of things. Exploring this range is like a journey in the moot board, feel free and express it. We believe only by understanding the possibilities of our customers, we can express the attitude and story across the medium of next generation trophies.
One of the key selling feature of our trophies being “The One” in the future is that our Korean – Malaysian mixed formula material provides best immunity to scenarios like cracking, bending, and fading. Our way is to make sure your proudest moments stay with you as long as it takes. Colours of trophies are resisted to change as our paint is carefully emulsified into our main construct, living up to the quality of timelessness.
Consider taking full control of the third dimension, we can make inclinations, tilting, warping, stretching, compressing, bulking, combining, subtracting or any rhetorical actions that are there for our understanding. This is exactly what we can do for this product range. Lets start with combination and hence the thousand other possibilities.